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* [[Don Taylor]], [[Johnny Taylor]] and [[Lawrence Taylor]]
* [[Don Taylor]], [[Johnny Taylor]] and [[Lawrence Taylor]]
* [[Jamie Vlatko]] and [[Jon Vlatko]]
* [[Jamie Vlatko]] and [[Jon Vlatko]]
* [[Shannon Snook]] and [[Matthew Snook]]
* [[Ryan Gamble]] and [[Dylan Gamble]]
== Other ==
== Other ==

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A listing of players who have represented Glenelg at Senior level and are related to other Glenelg Seniors players.

Note: this list is not exhaustive, and only where relationships are known are they entered.

Father & Son(s)

  Father   Son (s)
Michael Armfield Darcy Armfield
David Bradley Andrew Bradley
Graham Cornes Chad Cornes and Kane Cornes
Ross Gibbs Bryce Gibbs
Don Hewett Mark Hewett
Harry Kernahan David Kernahan and Stephen Kernahan
John Marshall David Marshall
Ian Millard Peter Millard
Darrell Moss Shane Moss
Brian Roehrich Ben Roehrich
Clem Rosewarne Laurie Rosewarne
Allan Symonds Jon Symonds and Tony Symonds



See also - Players.

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