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Snouts Louts wiki is a project from the users of the Snouts Louts fansite.

The object of the wiki is to capture as much of the history of the Glenelg Football Club as is practically possible and make it available to as many people as possible.

A wiki is an online set of web pages that can be edited by anyone who is a registered user. Probably the best known wiki is wikipedia. Our wiki is meant to be more like the magnificent Carlton wiki - Blueseum, albeit on a smaller scale.

Anyone is welcome to help. You can register and begin editing, or if that seems too hard, you can pass on any comments via the Snout Louts forums.

Currently we are trying to capture basic information on every player to have played for Glenelg. Due to the scarcity of information from some of the early years of the club, in some cases this may be as basic as the number of games played. With over a thousand players to have represented the club, there is a fair bit of work to go to just get this basic information online.

A list of incomplete articles that have been started is at: Category:TODO.

Also, any link that appears in red leads to a page that has not yet had any content added (you could be the one to start that page!). So for example if you work through the pages linked from By Surname you can find plenty of players' pages which need to be created. If you want a head-start on pages that people have already identified as being required, here is a list of as yet uncreated pages listed by the number of times people have mentioned them:


Bottom line is - any help is welcome, even if it is as simple as telling us of things we have got wrong!

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