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* Rd 9 Mon Jun10 North[H]<font color=blue>W</font>
* Rd 9 Mon Jun10 North[H]<font color=blue>W</font>
* Rd 10 Sun Jun16 South[A]
* Rd 10 Sun Jun16 South[A]<font color=red>L</font>
* Rd 11 Sun Jun23 Central[H]
* Rd 11 Sun Jun23 Central[H]<font color=blue>W</font>
* Rd 12 Sun Jul7 WWT[A]
* Rd 12 Sun Jul7 WWT[A]
* Rd 13 Sun Jul14 Norwood [H]
* Rd 13 Sun Jul14 Norwood [H]

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  History of the Glenelg Football Club
The Boys of the GFC
  SNOUTS LOUTS - proud sponsors of Jonty Scharenberg in 2018 
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  2018 Fixture
  • Round 1 Fri Mar29 Norwood[A] L
  • Rd 2 Fri Apr5 Adelaide[H] W
  • Rd 3 Sat Apr13 South[H]D
  • Rd 4 Fri Apr19 Sturt[H]W
  • Rd 5 Wed Apr24 West[A]W
  • Rd 6 Sat May4 WWT[H]W
  • BYE State Game
  • Rd 7 Sat May18 Central[A]W
  • Rd 8 Sun May26 Port[H]W
  • Rd 9 Mon Jun10 North[H]W
  • Rd 10 Sun Jun16 South[A]L
  • Rd 11 Sun Jun23 Central[H]W
  • Rd 12 Sun Jul7 WWT[A]
  • Rd 13 Sun Jul14 Norwood [H]
  • Rd 14 Sun Jul21 Port [A]
  • Rd 15 Sat Jul27 Adelaide[H]
  • Rd 16 Sun Aug4 North[A]]
  • Rd 17 Sat Aug17 West[H]
  • Rd 18 Sat Aug24 Sturt[A]
  Fast Facts
Glenelg's overall longest winning streak is against Sturt - 17 consecutive wins.

Longest winning streaks against the other teams are:
Adelaide 5, Central 11, Eagles 4, North 13, Norwood 8, Port 8, South 8, West 14, Torrens 7, and Woodville 14 .

See: Records vs individual clubs for further records.



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Glenelg Football Club

SANFL More ...

    FEATURED ARTICLE - The 1969 Magarey Medalist

 Career Highlights
  • GFC League Player Number: 530
  • GFC League Debut: Round 1, 1966
  • Glenelg 19661978, 1981
    • 275 games
    • 869 goals
  • Glenelg all time leading goal kicker
  • Member of the premiership team for Glenelg, 1973
  • Seven time leading goal kicker for Glenelg
  • Kicked over 100 goals in three seasons
  • Five time SANFL leading goal kicker
  • Played 10 games for South Australia
  • 1969 Magarey Medalist
  • Inducted Glenelg Hall of Fame 2002
  • Inducted SANFL Hall of Fame 2002

* Stats current to end of 1981

Fred Phillis collectors card. See also more images


  • Born: 9 September 1948, Adelaide
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 91 kg
  • Recruited from: Brighton High School
  • Previous Club:
  • GFC League Debut: 1966

Guernsey Number: 19

Nickname: Fred

Dennis Keith ("Fred") Phillis holds the Glenelg all-time goal kicking record. Phillis is the brother of Wayne "Butch" Phillis.

Phillis was nicknamed "Fred" when his schoolmates likened him to the most famous Test cricket paceman of the day, 'Fiery Fred' Truman of Yorkshire and England. The nickname stuck and to many SANFL fans he is only known as "Fred" Phillis rather than by his birth name.

"Fred" began his senior career with Glenelg in the SANFL in 1966 as a centre half back but was moved into the Centre half-forward, and later Full-forward, positions by incoming 1967 coach Neil Kerley. This lateral thinking paid off with Phillis kicking a then SANFL record of 137 goals in 1969.

He polled 18 votes in the 1969 Magarey Medal to be the first player to win the medal having played chiefly at full forward for the season.

In perhaps Glenelg's most memorable non-finals game, Phillis scored 18 goals at Glenelg Oval in 1975 as part of the team's record-breaking 49 goals against Central District. Quirkily enough, in the 1973 grand final win by Glenelg over North Adelaide he failed to goal.

Phillis is the highest goal scorer in the history of the Glenelg club. This is all the more remarkable when considering that former league leading goalkickers Jack Owens (1927-1928, 1932) and Colin Churchett (1948–1951) are also Glenelg champions. Overall Phillis is third on the all time SANFL goal scoring list.

After retiring as a player Phillis continued to pursue his chosen career as an architect.

Records Controversy

"Fred" Phillis is credited by the SANFL with scoring more than 100 goals in a season on three occasions. Glenelg records show him as having achieved this feat on five occasions (see: Honour Board).

Respected historian Bernard Whimpress in 1994 wrote:

In 1971 the SANFL recognised (for a time) Fred Phillis’s total of 102 goals because he scored three goals in a bodgie end of season knockout trophy known as the Coca-Cola Cup for teams which missed the finals. Later, however, the league put his total back to ninety-nine. In Glenelg records he is shown as scoring the century tally three years in a row and five times in all. In the league records based on premiership matches he achieved the mark three times.


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