Round 7 2006

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GLENELG is a side on the move towards finals action in season 2006, almost.

The clinical display at carving West Adelaide was successful for all but the last 20 minutes of the final quarter, and some innacuracy in front of goal throughout the match.

The Tigers had 37 scoring shots to 17, indicating a towelling, but the Bays could not close the deal.

They probably were a little puzzled because it has not been often in the past 10 years where they have been a side that should be disposing of inadequate opposition.

The young players in Bryce Gibbs, James Sellar, Matthew Reavill, Mark Ruwoldt and co look at home playing alongside their more exprienced counterparts in Paul Sherwood, Ben Moore and Justin McConnell.

Throw in gun Crow-in-waiting Richard Douglas and the Bays are an imposing unit.

They have balance all over the park, and the key to the Tigers unit is they have flexibility.

James Sellar played in ruck most of the day and handled himself quite well. Coach Mark Mickan has the players fitter than ever, and they exude the confidence of a side that can challenge for a top five spot.

Luke Panozzo on Saturday dominated the Glenelg backline, Aaron Rogers and Matt Duldig provided good targets up forward, and Adam Fisher is a midfielder who gets better as the season progresses.

With Daniel Kirk and Trevor Cranston to return from injury, and Jarrad Sundqvist and Marcus Burdett to force their way back into the line-up, Glenelg looks to have a depth that has not been evident in previous years.

The Bays tackle league leader Port at Alberton on Saturday which is when the assessment can be made of how far Glenelg can progress in season 2006.

The state game gives the majority of players the bye, and they tackle Sturt and Norwood at home.

Finals action could well be on the cards for the Brighton Road boys in season 2006 after the next month of showings.

SCORES: Glenelg 3.5 7.13 13.18 17.20 (122) defeated West Adelaide 3.3 4.6 5.6 8.9 (57).

BEST: West - Vanderloo, Haynes, Hollands, Prokopec, Piasente, Dragicevic; Glenelg - Douglas, Panozzo, Backwell, McConnell, Sellar, Gibbs, Logan, Ruwoldt.

GOALS: West - Prokopec 4, McMillan, Dragicevic, Haynes, Vanderloo; Glenelg - Douglas 4, Logan, Rogers, Duldig 2, Reavill, Ruwoldt, Mitchell, Smith, Backwell, Gibbs, Sellar.

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