Round 11 2006

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CONDITIONS were perfect for football at Thebarton Oval on Saturday, and Glenelg made the perfect start kicking four goals in 15 minutes to stun the home side in the swooping eagle guernsey first worn by West Torrens in 1955.

The Tigers showed pace, displayed a team approach, and found space in the first term to lead by 17 points.

Justin McConnell was the regular ball magnet, Ben Moore started superbly, while Tom Logan continued his goal kicking form to register two of the four goals to quarter time.

Trevor Cranston was getting his hand to the ball which helped the Bay runners to move the ball quickly into Aaron Rogers who kicked the other two goals for the term, and a behind.

The result shows the Eagles won by two straight kicks, but the desire, discipline, tenacity and work ethic displayed by the Black and Gold gives plenty of reason for optimism.

Brett Backwell was a late exclusion, and Adam Fisher was not getting much clear ball to use in his damaging way.

What this did was allow Jack Horan (12 disposals, including one of the goals of the year in the third term) and Mark Ruwoldt (22 disposals) to get quality game time.

Lucas Block got involved in the action, and whilst they could not get the Bays over the line, these youngsters showed plenty of maturity.

Ty Allen looks fit and will get better with more exposure at league level, and Ruory Kirkby in game three has plenty to offer.

Lee Saunders in his fifth game also displays courage, has good ball skills and runs hard.

Mix these youngters with the proven campaigners in Ben Moore, Ben Mules and Paul Sherwood and the Tigers can challenge in the top five.

Aaron Rogers and Jeff Smith are both in career best form, while Luke Panozzo has been superb with his run from defence this season.

Glenelg look fitter both physically and mentally than at any stage in the last 15 years, and the players look to be playing for their coach and teammates, rather than just for themselves.

This results in having a team mentality and instils a work ethic across the board required for finals football success.

The road ahead for the Bays determines how much joy the long suffering fans get to have in September this year. Centrals at home this week, North at Prospect and then South at home following the bye are tantalising clashes, of which two must be won to maintain some breathing space from the challengers outside the top five.

SCORES: Woodville-West Torrens 0.3 7.6 11.7 15.9 (99) defeated Glenelg 4.2 6.4 9.7 13.9 (87).

BEST: Eagles - Lindsay, Inkster, McKenzie, Cicolella, Treeby, Passador; Glenelg - Moore, McConnell, Logan, Hinge, Ruwoldt, Cranston.

GOALS: Eagles - Passador 6, Inkster, Cooper, Grocke 2, P.Fiacchi, Treeby, Lindsay; Glenelg - Rogers, Logan 3, Mitchell, Willits, Horan, Kirkby, Kirk, McConnell, Smith.

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