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Games Page

Hi guys, interested in what you think re this page. I think one thing missing from the wiki is a list and links to detailed match repoorts and photos of some of the club's best and most important wins. There is a great page for the 1934 GF but it is difficult to find. I suggest that this page be renamed "Memorable Matches" or "Wonderful wins" or similar. There could eventually be a link to each match with a page similar to the one for the 1934 GF. What do you think? Comment by Bays34738586 19:04, 31 July 2010

Fantastic Work
First off. Whoever you are ;), sensational job on the photo's and your contributions so far. Simply sensational !
What would be good would be to have the "Games" section set up like this;
Bluseum Game room
The Blueseum is a wonderful site, and one I visit frequently (helps when I'm a Blue Bagger too). We've modelled a lot of what we've done here on Blueseum, as personally I'm yet to find a better club historical website. I agree we do need to make it a tad easier to find the "great" games, finals etc.
I have started doing a few match reports (see this years 2010 page, click on a date), and am still not happy with how it goes, but as Ranga, Grant & I have chatted about, it's always good to get as much info in here as possible, and then play around formatting etc.
If I get some time I'll have a play, and model it around the Blueseum, or if you wish to have a crack, go for it.
Come over to the hill next home game and ask for Ranga or Dirko and introduce yourself!
Cheers Dirko 09:53, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
Good thinking 99
Another user, Harry The Horse, has also added some match details about Other Games, which is my fault for making yet another level of lists. The catch as far as I can see is to have it easily sortable. As said, people need to be able to find the games easily, and the more games listed in a long list, the harder it is to find what you want. Not a problem at the moment, but if we eventually listed 200+ games then it is less easy. The link Dirko gave above seems like a good way to sort the games - one click from there and you can see whatever game you wanted - Grand Finals, Memorable Wins, or whatever.
For the time being I think keep going as you have, and we can talk about layout options as we go. If you have a radical idea feel free to ask for opinions (or even have a go at it). Ranga 23:54, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
Dirko, thanks for your remarks re my contributions, but it is pretty easy to upload a few photos, you and the other guys have done all the hard work setting this wiki up!

As far as my identity is concerned, my name is Mick and I will look you up at the next home game.

Personaly, I am not sure the wiki needs a "games " link that links to all of the match reports. I think that the match reports could be linked to from each game in the year link page, ie 2010 reports linked to the details of each game from the "2010" page. Then the wiki could have a seperate "memorable matches" page for the more famous GFC victories. Cheers Bays34738586

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