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Glenelg was winless its first 4 seasons, from 1920-1924. Saturday May the 2nd 1925 heralded the start of a new season and Glenelg hosted 1924 premiers West Torrens, at the Bay in round 1. A record crowd of 5060 attended the match and witnessed the first ever victory by the SANFL's newest club. Huge celebrations followed the match, both in the changerooms, and at a promptly organised reception held at the Glenelg Town Hall.

Round 1 Saturday 2 May 1925
Glenelg:   5.3 6.3 11.5 12.6 (78)
West Torrens: 0.1 5.6 6.8 10.10 (70)


Glenelg - Owens 5, C.Hill 3, Toms 2, Gotts, H.Jackson 1.

West Torrens - Adams, O'Grady 3, Brown, Karney, Fleet, Marvell 1.


Glenelg - Hoft, Fuss, Owens. C.Hill, W.Hill, Jackson, Toms.

West Torrens - Brown, Adams, O'Grady, Mills, Karney, Fleet, Marvell.

Crowd: 5,060 Glenelg Oval.

Match report from "The Advertiser"


Too Good for Torrens

About 5,000 people flocked to the Glenelg Oval to witness the opening game of the season between the seasiders and West Torrens, last year's premiers. After a game brimful of excitment the home team proved victorious, thus securing their first win since enetring league ranks. Although it was generally acknowledged that Glenelg this year had a much stronger side than last it was not anticipated, even by the most optimistic supporters of the seaside team, that they would succeed in defeating West Torrens in the way they did.

The game opened with plenty of dash, Glenelg kicking with a southerly wind. The new handball rule seemed to bother Torrens to a greater measure than it did Glenelg. Glenelg attacked from the bounce, and Toms opened the score with a point. A few minutes later Owens, from a free kick, scored a goal. The ball was again taken up to the Glenelg end, and Jackson, marking close up kicked a goal. Mills, Torrens' giant ruckman, opened the account for his side with a behind. W.Hill defended well for Glenelg, taking two fine marks in quick succession, and kicking well down the field. Two more goals were added by Glenelg within a few minutes by Toms and C.Hill. The home side again took control towards the end of the quarter, another goal being added by C.Hill before the bell rang.

In the second quarter West Torrens attacked early, and Kareny found the opening with a smart snapshot. O'Grady, from a free kick, notched Torrens' second major. Torrens continued their second aggressive play, and Brown, running down from the centre, put his side's third goal on the board. The score was brought to within one goal of Glenelg's by Marvel, who got a six pointer. The ball was then taken to Glenelg's end, and Owens, receiving a good pass from Lyne, scored the maximum. O'Grady marked within scoring distance, and evened up matters for his side. The play for the remainder of the quarter was uneventful.

In the third quarter Glenelg were the first to attack, and Toms, playing in the ruck, put the ball through the tall uprights. Owens, the seasider's champion goal-sneak, was responsible for another major, and C.Hill, from a free, got his thrid goal. Glenelg were giving a large number of frees away, probably owing to the fast play. Bail passed well to Owens, and that player placed the ball through the main opening. Owens scored his fifth goal a few minutes later, and O'Grady retaliated for Torrens with a full pointer.

Torrens, in the endeavor to make up the deficiency, attacked from the bounce in the final term. Adams tried to goal twice, adding 7 points to the score. The excitement was intense as Torrens attacked time after time. Good play on The part of Bail and Jackson was responsible for the ball travelling to the Southern end, where Holt, with a place kick, tried for goal without success. This was soon rectified, however, for Gotts sent the ball through the posts. Torrens counter-attacked, and Adams, gaining possession, notched his second major. The crowd was wild with excitement as each side attacked in turn. With a lead of over three goals, and with but a few minutes to go, Glenelg looked like gaining their first victory since joining the league. West Torrens were not finished yet, for Adams and Fleet each added a goal amid wild excitement. Torrens, however, were not equal to the task set for them, and were still eight points behind when the game ended. </blockquote>


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