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In 1982 Glenelg stormed into the grand final from 4th position. Finals victories against Central District and Sturt were followed by a 1-point triumph over Port Adelaide in the preliminary final. None of this would have occurred, as Glenelg would have missed the final five, if not for a massive Paul Weston kick in the dying seconds of this match to give Glenelg a 4-point win.

Glenelg's victory in this game, during which the lead changed 15 times, was achieved without ruck stalwart Peter Carey, who was suspended for striking during the round 18 loss to West Adelaide at Richmond Oval.

"I will die happy if we can do that to Port in a grand final" - unnamed Glenelg official.

Round 19, Saturday 14th of August 1982 2.20pm, Football Park. Glenelg versus Norwood.
Glenelg:   6.4 8.4 12.5 17.11 (113)
Norwood: 4.3 9.7 13.9 16.13 (109)


Glenelg - Weston, Symonds 4.0, Hercock 2.1, Duthy 2.0, Sewer 1.3, Seebohm 1.1, Kernahan, McGuiness, Paynter 1.0, Lunnis 0.2, rushed 0.4.

Norwood - Roberts 5.1, K. Thomas 3.1, Turbill 2.0, Button, G. Thomas, Neagle 1.1, Hein, Aish, Theil 1.0, jenkins Fosdike, Michalanney 0.1, rushed 0.5.


Glenelg - Weston, Kernahan, Cornes, McGuiness, Lunnis, Marshall, Barratt, Paynter, Frost.

Norwood - Aish, Turbill, Roberts, Fosdike, McIntosh, G. Thomas, Theil, K. Thomas.

Crowd: Unknown

Team line-ups


1. WESTON, Paul (C)

3. MacFARLANE, John

4. KERNAHAN, Stephen

8. McGUINESS, Tony

9. SYMONDS, Tony

10. McDERMOTT, Chris

11. PAYNTER, John

12. CORNES, Graham

14. SEWER, Ralph

16. MARSHALL, David

18. HEWETT, Mark

20. HOLST, David

24. LUNNISS, Michael

26. DUTHY, Chris

28. BARRATT, Stephen

29. HERCOCK, Chris

31. SEEBOHM, John

33. KUHLMANN, Keith

40. VEIDE, Chris

55. FROST, David



3. JENKINS, Danny

5. HEIN, Neil

6. NOBLE, Malcolm

7. THOMAS, Keith

8. AISH, Michael

9. ROBERTS, Neville

14. McINTOSH, Garry

16. ADLER, Paul

17. TURBILL, Greg (A.C)

22. WINTER, Bruce

25. FOSDIKE, Duncan

26. STEMPER, Frank

30. BUTTON, Neil


33. THEIL, Jim (A.V.C)

42. SCHMAAL, Wayne


45. THOMAS, Greg

46. RENFREY, Dean

48. NEAGLE, Rick


Match Report from The Advertiser

Paul Weston, Chris McDermott and Tony McGuiness hunt for the ball against Norwood, round 19, 1982.
Tony McGuiness attempts to tackle Norwood's Frank Stemper, round 19, 1982.
Tony McGuiness handballs under pressure, against Norwood, round 19, 1982.
Chris McDermott tackles Norwood's Greg Thomas, round 19, 1982.


By Alan Sheil

A last-kick-of-the-match win is something special in football. It highlights the fine line that can exist between victory and defeat, conquest and failure, ecstasy and agony.

And is leaves neutral spectators with a feeling of emptiness and frustration; that really, in fairness the result should have been a draw.

This was the overriding impression of the classic struggle between Glenelg and Norwood waged at Football Park on Saturday.

Both teams, Norwood more so, made mistakes in the face of pressure that is not always prevalent in SA football.

Yet either side would have been a worthy winner of a match in which the tension was sustained by the closeness of the scores and the 15 lead changes (6 in the third quarter).

As it happened, Glenelg grabbed the glory by 4 points - a last gasp steal that was a personal triumph for mild-mannered captain Paul Weston who appeared to be wearing a bazooka for a boot.

Weston's three-goal feat in the last quarter was nothing short of phenomenal.

At the 10-minute mark he launched a colossal screw punt from just out of the centre square and the ball bounced over the line for a goal that left Glenelg only three points down.

Tony Symonds, who made a late entry into the game as Tony Who?, kicked his fourth invaluable goal two minutes later from his left forward pocket.

Then Weston, this time with a perfectly executed drop-punt, goaled again to put the Tigers nine points clear.

Goals to Jim Theil (with a banana punt) and Neville Roberts (his fith) gave Norwood a two-point lead in a frantic finish.

As the timekeepers thumb hovered over the siren button, Weston, at half-forward right, fired probably the longest kick of his career - a booming screw punt that sailed on and on... over the heads of everybody and past the disbelieving goal umpire as if it were a magnet.

Unaware that he had just blown my lead in the office's $150 tipping competition, Weston was all smiles when he said later: "I didn't think it would make the distance. I just kicked it as far as I could."

Nice one Paul!

And a Glenelg official, still trembling with excitement had the last word: "I will die happy if we can do that to Port in a grand final."

Apart from a thrilling climax, it was hard to pinpoint where the match was won and lost.

For Glenelg, Stephen Kernahan produced a tireless four-quarter effort in ruck. Graham Cornes and Stephen Barrett were the pick of the hard working defence. David Marshall was a obtrusive on a wing as Michael Lunniss was on a forward flank and Tony McGuiness and John Paynter were busy rovers, although McGuiness's disposal was not up to his usual standard.

Michael Aish wore John MacFarlane as a second skin but he still did more than any other Redleg.

Robert's five goals were proof of his class. Greg Turbill, Garry McIntosh and Greg and Keith Thomas were creative runners. Duncan Fosdike was an industrious wingman and Theil marshalled the backlines in his typical muscular manner.

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1. The SANFL Football Budget volume 57, Numbers 22 and 23.

2."The Advertiser" Monday 16th of August, 1982

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