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Bays finally on target



GLENELG fans can sniff finals action.

For the past six years the Tiger faithful have been idle in the major round. Now they are warming to the idea the drought is on the verge of breaking under Mark Mickan's coaching regime.

And why shouldn't they have thoughts of seeing Glenelg still alive following the final minor round after watching the Tigers demolish pathetic Norwood by 78 points at Brighton Rd yesterday?

The true test will come on Saturday when the Tigers take on in-form Woodville-West Torrens at Thebarton Oval.

One thing is certain about the Eagles, they will offer a far superior obstacle than the Redlegs dished up. Before heaping praise on the Tigers, it must be rammed home just how bad the Redlegs were in the first half when they coughed up a 90-point deficit.

Here was a team with the same win-loss record as Glenelg, yet its first two quarters were a total embarrassment.

A dispirited and seemingly disinterested Norwood provided little, in fact at times no, resistance as Glenelg ran rampant. Its decision-making and skills were shocking, a pat on the back constituted a tackle and there was no system at all.

No wonder bewildered coach Trevor Hill described it as the worst football produced by his side since taking over the reins this season.

"That (first half) is as bad a footy as you could ever see," Hill said. "We had a plan and what we saw out there in the first half was pretty dismal - it's not good."

In contrast, fierce-tackling Glenelg was polished, committed and desperate. Controlling the centre, the Tigers moved the ball forward with efficiency and ease - far, far too easily.

Thomas Logan was clever all day, Adam Fisher his usual reliable self and Jeff Smith was a powerful target deep in attack. When Norwood did make a rare foray forward veteran Glenelg defender Paul Sherwood defused any danger. Such was the domination of the home side, Norwood did not have a goal for the first half until after the siren when Scott Borlace kicked truly.

The question has to be asked though - where was the effort Norwood produced for the second half in the first two terms?

The Redlegs outscored Glenelg after half-time with Mitchell Sandery an honest contributor and Adam Cockshell, not used until the second quarter, a strong target, along with Nicholas Duigan. Norwood gained some possession from stoppages and improved its ball movement. And its players finally took responsibility for opponents.

Mickan, disappointed with his players' mental preparation for last week's one-point loss to Sturt, was impressed with their response in yesterday's battle.

"It was a fantastic performance but it could have been better given the second half," he said.

"The response they (his players) gave in the first half was exceptional. The Eagles have imposed themselves as equal to any team in the competition in recent weeks and it will be another challenge for us."

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