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| 2020 || Matthew Snook  || Luke Partington   
| 2020 || Matthew Snook  || Luke Partington   
| 2020 || Matthew Snook  || Matthew Allen

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A team of exceptionally good looking blokes (with the odd chick thrown in) who stand on a green grassy knoll, known as Snouts Hill,in all weather conditions, yelling and screaming for the team from the Bay.

Generally found with a can of beer in hand, maybe a Sausage Sanger, a rabid expression on their faces and the look of anguish come finals time.

They are not a cheer squad.

They are just a group of football loving tragics who bleed Black 'n' Gold.

They love umpires, they think "he's been doing it all day", and "ball" can and will be yelled out at any opportunity especially at Prospect as it really seems to annoy the old fogies sitting in the Grandstand.

They are the official upholders of Glenelgs old club song "Tiger for me", and belt it out when prompted by the official "Tiger for me" band leader JB.

Go to the Louts website here....

Snout's Louts


Actually stands for Player Of The Year - which is the annual award made by the "fools on the hill" to the player they vote as best player over the course of the year.

Voting in each Round is in true anarchic Snouts Louts style - some preferring the traditional 3-2-1 and some making up any variation of numbers they like so long as it totals no more than 6 points. More details can be found on the forum.

Snouts Louts are particularly proud that their award is recognised and encouraged by the Glenelg Football Club - power to the people!

And the winners are ...

Year Winner Runner Up
2005 Brett Backwell Heath Culpitt
2006 Brett Backwell Tom Logan
2007 Ben Kane Ben Moore
2008 Ty Allen Luke Pannozo
2009 Byron Murphy Ty Allen
2010 Ty Allen Ruory Kirkby/Kane Tenace
2011 Todd Grima Ben Kane
2012 Ty Allen Jarryd Lyons
2013 Andrew Bradley Jason Davenport
2014 Matthew Snook Warrick McGinty
2015 Matthew Snook Josh Scott
2016 Josh Scott Warrick McGinty
2017 Matthew Snook Terry Milera
2018 Matthew Snook Josh Scott
2019 Luke Partington Chris Curran
2020 Matthew Snook Luke Partington
2020 Matthew Snook Matthew Allen
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