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SANFL record score

In a feat that is unlikely to be repeated, Glenelg kicked an extraordinary 49 goals against a hapless Central District at Glenelg Oval, round 17, 1975. Glenelg wingman John "Snout" MacFarlane kicked for goal in the very last seconds of the game but managed to hit the post, denying Glenelg it's 50th goal of the match. Incredibly, despite Glenelg's dominance Central District still managed to kick 11 goals for the match, resulting in a match total goal aggregate of 60, another record which will surely never be equalled.

"It was like standing up against a wall and facing a machinegun loaded with footballs... The Bays were in full flight and no matter what we tried we couldn't halt them. I got a stiff neck from watching the ball shot from the centre to Fred Phillis, between the goal posts, to the boundary umpire and back to centre for another bounce." - Central District backpocket Julian Swinstead


In an interesting footnote, Central District players and their most loyal supporters would have retired back to Elizabeth and their newly opened $150,000 licensed clubrooms after the game; clubrooms designed by architect Dennis "Fred" Phillis!

1st 2nd 3rd Final Pts
Glenelg 12.6 25.12 34.17 49.23 317
Central District 3.2 6.4 10.7 11.13 79

Saturday 23.08.1975 Crowd: 9,049 at Glenelg Oval

Best -

Glenelg: D. Phillis, Tardif, Carey, Bennett, Marker, W. Phillis, MacFarlane, C. Anderson, Cornes, Hodgeman.

Central: Moore, M. Norsworthy, Wyley, B. Norsworthy. Kreig.

Goals -

Glenelg: D. Phillis 18.6, Carey 8.2, Bennett 4.3, Caldwell 4.2, Hodgeman 4.1, Rebbeck 4.1, MacFarlane 2.2, Marker 1.1, Copping 1.1, Weston 1.1, Rady 1.1, Cornes 1.0, rushed 0.2.

Central: Wyley 2.4, Reed 2.1, McKay 1.2, M. Norsworthy 1.2, Hughes 1.1, Beythien 1.1, Casserley 1.0, Price 1.0, B. Norsworthy 1.0, Kreig 0.1, Linder 0.1.

Match Report from The Advertiser

Glenelg full-foward Fred Phillis basks in the glory of an 18 goal haul as Glenelg kick a record score aganst Central District, 1975.

By Merv Agars

It was a mind-blowing experience for football statisticians as Glenelg crashed it's way into the record books at Glenelg Oval.

Glenelg smashed all previous tall scoring records into oblivion as it shattered the previous SA league record by more than 15 goals and the Australian record by 5 goals.

Poor Central District. Its players were absolutely demoralised by the goal-scoring blitz. Even Glenelg players after the game were stunned.

What can be said about a match that turned into such a debacle? Presumably recite the statistics.

  • Glenelg became the first league team to kick more than 300 points in a game.
  • Its winning margin, naturally a record, eclipsed by 12 points the previous highest league score.
  • Glenelg slammed through a goal every two minutes of playing time.
  • It took 170 minutes to complete 100 minutes of football. The time taken as the boundary umpires ferried the ball back for centre bounces accounted for most of the 41 min. 34 sec. of "time on."
  • Glenelg's 15.6 in the last quarter beat the previous best one-quarter score in SA - West's 14.10 against North in 1940.

What of the individual performances?

  • Full Forward Fred Phillis's 18.6 was his best overshadowing his 15 against South six seasons ago.
  • Ruckman Bob Tardiff, whose dominance of the ruck duels began the stampede, accumulated 36 hit-outs.
  • Rover Greg Bennett had 48 "touches" - 28 kicks and 20 handballs - but was almost matched by centreman Peter Marker's 26 - 21.
  • Fred Phillis grabbed 17 marks around the goal-front.
  • The goal umpires signalled a score at an average of ever 62.5 sec. of playing time.

After the excitement of watching Glenelg kick 25 goals in the first half the second half became rather agonising, like watching a public slaughter.

Interest in the closing minutes centred on Glenelg's race to kick 50 goals. It ended as wingman John MacFarlane's flying shot hit a goal post as the siren sounded.

Having seen the goal-scoring record established I don't want to be there when it is beaten.

I know I wont be. It will take more years than I have left.

Reserves Highest Score

The Reserves also had a big win that day, recording their then highest score:

Rd 17 1975
Glenelg 31.14 (200)
Central 11.14 (80)

The combined League and Reserves scores for the day:

Glenelg 80.37 (517) vs Central 22.27 (159) - a combined margin 358 points!

All four grades won by 100+ that day making it (as far as we can tell) the only time that has happened.

In another interesting twist, Round 17 struck again, this time for the Reserves in 2005, where they kicked the Reserves highest ever score:
Round 17 2005
Glenelg 9.1 17.2 23.9 32.12 (204)
Norwood 2.2 4.5 5.8 7.9 (51)

Paul Allison kicked 8 goals; Ty Allen had 36 possessions and Sudjai Cook 34.

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