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1930 Goals

Bernard Whimpress on page 136 of The South Australian Football Story made the assertion that Owens and his Glenelg colleagues chose not to increase his tally beyond 99 goals, believing that this was the same as Farmer (who was unable to play in the final Round).

The Advertiser report of the last Round game includes these comments:

Wadham tied (Owens) down to two goals in the third quarter and one in the last, thus frustrating his effort to reach 100 goals for the season.
The yellow and blacks lost opportunities to score during the closing stages by attempting to get the ball to Owens instead of kicking for goal. Wadham was defeating Owens for the ball, and several Glenelg attacks were turned back as a result.

Owens finished the game with 8 goals.

Sadly I feel that (once again) Whimpress has proven to be not entirely accurate, so I am deleting the charming tale of the Halt of Scoring unless/until someone can provide evidence that this did indeed occur.

Ranga 13:47, 17 September 2010 (UTC)


Reported in the Mail of Saturday 26 September 1942 as having died on that day after a long illness.

Few players have given Glenelg better service than Owens, who was In the front rank of full forwards for many years. He Joined the bay side from West Broken Hill in the 1924 season, and gained inclusion in the State team which played in the Hobart carnival in the same year. He played in the two following carnivals, at Melbourne in 1927 and Adelaide in 1930. Owens was the captain of the Glenelg team which won the league football premiership in 1934. He played In 177 matches in his 12 years of league football and kicked 827 goals.

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