Round 17 2006

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Round 17

GLENELG took a big step towards finals action, wrenching fourth spot from the Port Magpies after belting them in front of a big Brighton Rd crowd on Sunday.

The “Back to the 70's” theme seemed an appropriate one for the Tigers, duplicating the form of a time when they were consistently a feared force at their home ground.

The 81-point victory smashed a 10-game losing streak against their bitter foes, and was the ideal way to celebrate Ben Moore's 100th appearance in the black and gold.

Kicking against a stiff first quarter breeze, Glenelg's fierce desire was evident, with their tackling, smothering and forward-line pressure restricting Port to just a goal with the wind.

The Tigers added eight further goals with the breeze at their backs to take an unassailable advantage into the long break. On-ballers Brett Backwell, with 27 possessions to half-time and Bryce Gibbs, with four first-half goals (six overall) were the main beneficiaries of Trevor Cranston's good ruckwork.

The Bays didn't have a passenger and continued to pepper the goals in the second half, with 14 different players finding the major scoring zone overall.

The only disappointment was a wasteful 7.9 in the last quarter, costing a 100-plus result, nevertheless it was still a very handy percentage boost.

After the game coach Mark Mickan was happy with his charges' “one percenters” and work around the contests.

“We applied good pressure, a lot of opportunities were taken, we scored from them quite consistently,” he said. A big clash next Saturday at Norwood looms and Mickan expects a far tougher Redlegs than when they last met.

“They're the in-form team in the competition at the moment,” he said.

SCORES: Glenelg 6.2 14.5 20.5 27.14 (176) defeated Port Adelaide 1.5 3.9 9.11 14.11 (95).

BEST: Glenelg – Gibbs, Backwell, Mitchell, McConnell, Graham, Cranston, Allen, Moore; Port – Slattery, Butcher, Elstone, Lokan, Summerton.

GOALS: Glenelg - Gibbs 6, Duldig 4, Graham 3, Ruwoldt, Kirkby, McConnell 2, Panozzo, Smith, Mitchell, Rogers, Moore, Mules, Douglas, Yeomans; Port – Slattery 4, Butcher 3, AhChee 2, J. Clayton, Harry, Elstone, Meiklejohn, Maric.

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