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The Player Statistics article will provide various details and summaries for players of the Glenelg Football Club.



Career Goals

Players to have kicked 100 or more Career goals with Glenelg.

18692753.2Fred Phillis
28271774.7Jack Owens
35561863.0Colin Churchett
45214481.2Peter Carey
54602461.9Stephen Copping
64112441.7Kym Hodgeman
73473171.1Graham Cornes
8316694.6John Fidge
92901362.1Stephen Kernahan
102801671.7Arthur Link
112731671.6Ruory Kirkby
122582571.0Rex Voigt
132582651.0Neville Caldwell
142572930.9Nick Chigwidden
15255863.0Frank Burt
162541861.4Jim West
172451351.8Ray Button
182302251.0Tony Symonds
192241052.1John Sandland
202202091.1Colin Richens
212143190.7John Seebohm
222071511.4Darren Mansell
232001131.8Tony McGuiness
241832770.7Chris McDermott
251821531.2Peter McInerney
26178852.1Brian Rundle
271761960.9Paul Weston
281682040.8Allan Crabb
29164941.7Matthew Duldig
301621960.8Peter Maynard
31161732.2Todd Grima
321612030.8George Johnston
33160732.2Justin McConnell
34158632.5Mark Russell
351561341.2Robert Anesbury
361511031.5Tony Hall
37150662.3Craig Budarick
38149871.7Clayton Lamb
39149921.6Percy Winkler
401491760.8Harry Kernahan
411431151.2Darryl Rady
42127343.7Leslie Lush
43126572.2Robert Walter
441241350.9Doug Long
451221161.1Harold Percy
46115582.0Brian McGowan
471141021.1Keith Haussen
481112530.4Ross Gibbs
49109911.2Keith Pattinson
501091091.0Graham Fraser
511091900.6David Holst
52108552.0Craig Woodlands
531051210.9Glenn McPherson
541051340.8Michael Murphy
551051430.7Neil Davies
56103651.6Kevin Rowe
* = Current Player

SANFL Leading Goalkicker

10 Goals In A Game

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